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This wooden sort & stack truck with bright and cheerful geometric shapes from New Classic Toys is the perfect addition to any toy collection. Little ones love to sort, stack and playing with toy vehicles. Sorting shapes and colors helps with naming, recognition and spatial awareness all at the same time. Put all these together in a little toy and you have a fun way to teach your little one the art of problem solving while playing. Putting the different geometrical shapes blocks back in the correct spot will also improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. After playing, matching, sorting and stacking, it’s time to drive off into the next adventure!

Comes complete with a total of 14 shapes: 5 blue circles, 4 green triangles, 3 yellow squares and 2 orange pentagons. Which only fit over the matching sorting peg on the trailer. The trailer can be disconnected from the truck.

New Classic Toys 

Truck with shapes

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