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-A baby walker combined with various toys, including a farm animal track&trace, wire beads, a turnable windmill, a sun/moon turning plate on the front, and gears, track&trace blocks on the sides.
-The walker is a fantastic walk along toy with sturdy construction offering support to develop babies' confidence, helping with balance and stability as little ones learn to walk. The wooden doll buggy containing 4 non-slip rimmed wheels keeps the walker from slipping and a smooth rounded push along handle suitable for little hands.
-After walking for a long time, children can sit in front of the walker for a while, playing the toys on the front and side boards.
-Moving the animals just like they are tracing each other on the farm, turing the windmill just like the wind is blowing, rotating the sun/moon plate just like we are spending day after day, children will feel like they are on that beautiful farm themselves. And at the same time, their hand-eye coordination and motor skills will be developed.
-Turning the cat/rabbit plate, children can learn to distinguish different animals. Turning the gears on the side, children can develop logical thinking... Let children enjoy themselves in this activity walker containing multipule functions and improve various skills!

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Acitivity baby walker - red

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