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The friendly crocodile is visually stunning and will promote hours of interactive fun for individual children or small groups of children playing and learning collaboratively. Made in five pieces, each with a different set of manipulative activities all designed to encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Various wire beads, various mazes, magnetic pen, xylophone, castanet, mirror, turning gears and tracing blocks. Play together and share happiness. Measurements of the product are 187 x 61 x 1,5 centimetre.

• An Multifuctional wall toy with a nice image of a crocodile, including wire beads, magnetic beads trace, xylophone, castanet, mirror, bead travel, turning gear and tracing blocks.
• The crocodile body is divided into 5 parts which is easy to disassemble, install and transport. There are different kinds of toy functions on each wooden board. If damaged, that part can be changed for a new one separately.
• It's made of high quality and environmental friendly wood,sturdy structure which can be used for years.
• Several children could play together and share happiness, and they can not only play for fun but also learn a lot, such as basic ideas of colours, shapes, sounds, numbers and basic life skills.
• A perfect and brilliant toy combination for schools, kindergartens, learning center and public areas.

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Wall game - big crocodile

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